Recogmission see. Wesee

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Hi all,

I am pleased to say that we raised funds to continue the development of the first real hybrid search and transformed our company into something new. Now the team works for Wesee , a company with the HQ in London, UK. We are growing very fast. New R&D teams will be set up along with the commercial staff.

Our plans is to launch the new version of the hybrid search you never seen before. We temporarily closed the access to Picollator to prepare the surprise.

We have launched the innovative Ad solution. It works on the basis of image and text analysis, and can put ads on publisher’s page depending on what is in pictures with or even without texts. We target top ad categories like cars, travel and leisure, cosmetics, real estate, etc., and it is in the process of PoC deployment with indiustry leaders. Any inquiry is appreciated!

We run and it is now used widely, in different countries, and even some giants subscribed for it.

So I am happy, and please make sure the team is working hard to deliver the most entertaining and efficient services for clients and everybody.


New Picollator version is ready

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We made the heroic development and now includes a number of new features, including e.g. full text search and some extra semantic algorithms. I am going to prepare a full post about all of that.

Well, I forget to tell you: now we call it Hybrid Search.

Novel, texts and art

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What was the narrative that this representation was meant to embellish and complete? As I regarded the work, I slowly sensed that the underlying tale was the picture itself. The painting wasn’t the extension of a story at all, it was something in its own right.”

Orhan Pamuk, My Name is Red.

Translated by Erda M. Göknar